Today Urban Outfitters published an interview I did with them for their “About A Girl” series. I feel incredibly lucky to have been chosen to be a part of this, alongside other amazing girls.

I took this interview an opportunity to be honest and upfront about what I do as a job; which may come as a surprise to some of you if not most, but I am not a “full-time blogger”.  I refuse to lie and say my life is glamorous and I spend every day shooting in studios and what not… I don’t.  I have quit many jobs in the industry doing what many may consider to be a lifetime dream, to take what other may consider to be a step back. But, regardless, I’m incredibly happy, I don’t wake up before 10 am unless it is a mandatory call time, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

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We love the artful quality of your photos — it’s clear that not just clothing/fashion is interesting to you, it’s more about the whole composition and about how the two come together. Can you share more?

I think the world is far too big to focus only on fashion. Fashion is not my life. It never has been, and it never will be. The first half of my life I grew up in the country, and the second half I am growing up in the city… I think that has a lot to do with my aesthetic. I enjoy taking extreme close ups of objects, and creating obscure shots of something that is rather typical. Instagram is like this everyday challenge. It’s not about exposing what people may be cropping out of the frame. In my opinion, it’s about praising and admiring them for being able to capture such an overwhelmingly large world in a small frame, and having that be a piece of art, telling a story, or creating memory.

Photographer: Daniela Spector

Location: Freehold, Brooklyn

Look 1:

Vegan Leather Jacket, Necklaces, Dress, Shoes

Look 2:

Dress, Shoes, Circle Bag, Rings

Look 3:

Vegan Leather Jacket, Dress, Shoes

DanielaSpector-3672DanielaSpector-3665 DanielaSpector-3744DanielaSpector-3734DanielaSpector-3703DanielaSpector-3787DanielaSpector-3681DanielaSpector-3825DanielaSpector-3898DanielaSpector-3858DanielaSpector-3876DanielaSpector-3875DanielaSpector-3826DanielaSpector-3877DanielaSpector-3857DanielaSpector-4329DanielaSpector-4282DanielaSpector-4265DanielaSpector-4219DanielaSpector-4257

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