Back To Black

Photo Jul 23, 6 41 50 PM

It has has been brutally hot in the city… to the point where any amount of clothing you wear, whether it be shorts & a tank top or simply a bikini (#MiamiSwimWeek), is still too much.

I’ve been trying to find ways around wearing my same high waisted/over-sized denim shorts every single day, so I decided to work some more dresses into my wardrobe. Of course, this one is black, but do know I contemplated a printed dress. REALLY REALLY CONTEMPLATED IT- to the point that I felt comfortable enough to take a photo of myself in the dress, in the fitting room, and send it to my top 4 people who I consult for all life changing decisions (ie: “which Instagram selfie do I upload?”, “hot or iced coffee?”, and finally “should I buy this or just go with the black one?”)

& by this time all our white clothing has most likely been worn to an off white color with a bit of summer stains around the collar. So forgive me for going back to black… I’m a New Yorker, after all.

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Photo Jul 23, 6 40 41 PM

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