Cafe Chronicles: Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory, Brooklyn

Photo Mar 07, 8 47 00 PM   Recently I stopped stalking the social media accounts of everyone I didn’t get along with in high school and got (what I consider to be) a real hobby– being a cafe connoisseur.

& today marks my first entry in my new segment I will call “Cafe Chronicles”… for obvious reasons.

This time I went to Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory. Just picture: Willy Wonka moved to Brooklyn, bought a pair of Warby Parker glasses, wore thrifted Carhartt jackets and skinny jeans, beanies (duh), and opened up a coffee & chocolate shop/factory/heaven. #CHOCOlatté

As if that isn’t enough, I walked in on the second track of their obvious Beyoncé playlist (Haunted) so it was only right for me to spend most of my day here…

If you have a chance to check it out, I highly recommend you do so.

Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory: 288 Seigel Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Photo Mar 07, 9 16 35 PM

Photo Mar 07, 8 47 59 PM

(There will definitely be a PART II to this post)