Citizens of Humanity Holiday'14

Photo Jun 28, 12 05 19 PM

I’m sure it’s clear Citizens of Humanity is one of my favorite brands… until I discovered them, I hated jeans and never wore pants.

I was invited to check out their Holiday’14 preview at their New York showroom last week. I walked in and was greeted with some Pinkberry. I could end the post there but I will continue on..

The Holiday 2014 collection showcases all the amazing things COH can do with fabric manipulations; hand-painted bleach, denim dying, laser printing, and dying the denim again once it’s all done.

COH is providing us with options. Yes. Options. Because we all love our Rockets, but maybe we can wow our friends with a little variation. They took our favorite classic fits and gave us a hand painted bleach-splatter effect for our “look how cool I am while I run errands and go to Trade Joes” look, and a coated wax finish for our “drinks on a rooftop in Williamsburg” look… COH has our butts covered from day to night. Literally.

Pinstripe overalls, matching sweatpants and sweatshirt combos, and our favorite Corey Crop Boyfriend Jean have made an appearance, and I could not be more thrilled about it.

Photo Jun 28, 12 03 54 PM

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