Last night I kicked off my #NYFW in such an amazing way by attending the FEIT Man against Machine audio/visual experience at the New Museum. The last time & first time I experienced working with this brand is when I helped them bring awareness over social media to NYC’s homeless population over the holidays.

The images & videos in this post were given to me by FEIT. They are stills from the film (their first every film commission), that was showed at the event. This incredible piece of art was directed by New York-based filmmaker Jack Riccobono (Seventh Fire), in collaboration with Benjamin Millepied (Director, Paris Opera Ballet), composer Nicholas Britell (The Big Short, 12 Years A Slave). The installation itself was created by artist/designer Jordana Maisie.

“For this film, we wanted to emphasize the rhythm, skill, and artistry involved in the process of making shoes by hand. There is a choreographed, dance-like relationship between the craftsman and his work that is especially beautiful, and that is ultimately reflected in the final product”

– Benjamin Millepie

It is essential to mention that the film created incorporates scenes from the 1982 cult classic movie Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance; an experimental film by Godfrey Reggio that showcases man’s impact on the environment with the use of time-lapsed footage of cities and technology juxtaposed with the natural world.

As the film played on two screens and the shoes sat on display, so did a live hand-sewer who demonstrated the incredible craft of making shoes; ultimately, creating the most impactful and miraculous instillation environment.


Here’s a behind the scenes look into the video at the top…

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