Lavish Pearls

Photo Nov 08, 8 35 20 PM

Tan & camel is everyone’s favorite trend lately…… (as well as grey on grey, all white everything, tomboy inspired looks, and everything else that can be formed into a Pinterest board). So what’s different with mine? Well, I decided to switch things up a bit and go with a more feminine look.

& on the topic of trends, I would like to note that jumpsuits are a girl’s best friend. They are like professional onesies: comfortable, cool, and you could wake up 5 minutes before you have to leave the house & you have your whole outfit ready for you on the hanger (shit…go to sleep in them the night before, and roll out of bed in the morning. THERE.).

JUMPSUIT| Lavish Alice, NECKLACE & RINGS| Rue Gembon, BRACELET| Flaca Jewelry, COAT| Banana Republic (old), SHOES| Dolce Vita

Photography by Robert Hopkins

Photo Nov 08, 8 33 53 PM

Photo Nov 08, 8 36 41 PM-2

Photo Nov 08, 8 39 28 PM

Photo Nov 08, 8 41 20 PM
Photo Nov 08, 8 40 13 PM
Photo Nov 08, 8 37 40 PM

Photo Nov 08, 8 36 02 PM

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