Man Cave: Collegiate Casual

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Moving back in with my brother means that I can now start documenting his life and (so far) great outfits. And I take pride in the fact that my family members can dress themselves properly, makes my life a hell of a lot easier.

And let me touch on graphic tees…Wear a college shirt, if anything. In fact, wear a Harvard Law shirt around when we all know you went to a community college upstate, I’m all about ambition and dreams, it’s fine, I’ll let it slide. But Guys, whatever you do, don’t wear a graphic t-shirt that tells me who the man is (up arrow) and who the legend is (down arrow). In the words of every girl between the ages of 18 and 25, “I CANNOT.”

The best way to rock a college t-shirt is by dressing it up. Wear a nice pair of pants (i.e. anything but your dad’s jeans), and shoes that look like you got them out of a J.Crew catalog. You’re bound for collegiate greatness

Anyway, here’s a great way to take weekend comfort up a level…

BEANIE| Skull Candy, GLASSES| Warby Parker, JACKET| Noodlepark, PANTS| Zara , SHOES| Clarks, WATCH| Nike

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