Morning Foundations


With age I’ve realized it’s important to have your shit together. It’s time to grow up and stop wearing your old, over-sized soccer camp t-shirts to bed. Why? Because we are women now. And that’s what women do.

I’m speaking honestly when I say there are three things to do every morning that will make you feel like you are about to have the most productive day of your week:

  1. Make your bed: The only thing you have to worry about when you come home are your failed outfit changes on the floor… because, at least your bed is made.
  2. Have a cup of coffee: Or tea. You need that boost in the morning to get you motivated.
  3. Match your bra to your underwear: There’s absolutely nothing more empowering than knowing you look just as good on the outside as you do under it all. It’s basically equivalent to finding two matching pairs of socks (cue Lady Gaga “Applause” Chorus ).

Bra & Underwear | Urban Outfitters , Cardigan | Urban Outfitters/ Silence + Noise
Hair & Nails | Priv (Use my referral code ‘147f4b68c1f’ for $20 off), Location | Refinery Hotel

Photography by Daniela Spector