Photo Diary: Costa Rica, PT. 2

An entire day of our trip in Costa Rica was spent traveling on a rocky dirty road up a Volcano called Rincon De La Vieja. And yeah…the Volcano is still active. The ride itself lasted a couple hours from Tamarindo to our destination.. but it was just to hop out of the air conditioned vehicle, and ride horses the rest of the way up. Which is all fun and games until your Mom’s horse decides it wants to ride off into the distance like a scene straight out of Black Beauty.

Th next task was  zip-lining our way down the Volcano. I decided that I would put my fear of living life like a Final Destination movie aside, and try zip-lining upside down…….. (image featured below).

Our adventurous day ended with a very much needed volcanic steam sauna, volcanic mud baths, volcanic hot springs, and a long bumpy car ride back home.