“Real Girls Doing Real Things”

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This past November I walked & talked with Miranda Barnes, an ambitious photography student in NYC who has a blog of her own titled Real Girls Doing Real Things.When I met up with her, I was actually surprised to see her take out a film camera, considering the digital (and photo retouching) world we live in. So, of course I felt a large amount of pressure when I knew I had to make the shot count and be BeyoncĂ©-flawless, because it was going to be impossible for me to look at the photos to tell her which ones I thought my legs looked fat in (or something silly that girls say… -_- ).

Check out her page for the small Q&A where I tell her a little about myself, where I’d like to eventually end up in life, and my words to live by (which obviously have everything to do with BeyoncĂ©).

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