Warby Parker U.E.S.

Photo Mar 18, 7 55 47 PM

I am very honored to say that I was in on what I consider to be Warby Parker‘s best kept secret yet. What once was J.L.Lascoff Pharmacy on the corner of 82nd and Lexington, is now the new home of another amazing Warby Parker store. But don’t worry, WP kept or restored most of the pharmacy’s original detailing.

I walked in and was immediately greeted with organic juice in a custom Warby Parker bottle, water in a box, croissants, and the new Spring Collection “Spectrum” frames begging for me to try them on. But of course, I immediately fell in love with the store itself. Warby Parker’s ability to take any space with an identity, keep its integrity, but manage to give it an entirely new personality to match the brand itself never ceases to amaze me (ex: Meat Packing location having an industrial look, while SoHo is very vibrant and trendy… all of which still feature color coded books, photo-booths, and Pinterest worthy decor).

The new Upper East Side location is the company’s first two floor retail space. The main floor features a reception desk, retail space, eye exam rooms, and yes, a photo-booth with entirely new (and interchangeable) backdrops designed by Brooklyn artist Wayne Pate. Take the spiral staircase (with wall paper schooling you on entirely new reading positions : MODIFIED BEYONCÉ) upstairs and you will find another eye exam room, more glasses to try on, and window space to read a book or take the ideal selfie.

I told them myself & you saw it here- if the next Warby Parker store doesn’t have a barista attached, I’m going to be really upset.

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