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MONDAY June 23rd, 2014

CURRENT MOOD: It’s hot in here

Let me start by addressing the world – For those who live under a rock but are able to have wifi and look at my website, the World Cup has been going on. I’ll never forgive America for cutting Landon Donovan from the roster… I bet if he were on the team, America wouldn’t have tied Portugal. Also, who do we have to talk to about getting Clint Dempsey’s penis a jersey? Because that guy scored a goal yesterday with his crotch and it was amazing.

Now as for my day…This morning I woke up and used a Groupon for a massage I bought 3 months ago… it’s just been a busy few months to say the least. That, and they were booked out for months so whatever.

It also may come as a shock to most that my Brooklyn loft still doesn’t have our AC unit(s) installed! Although it’s been hot, you can’t imagine how far fans can take you… I don’t know… maybe I’m just really lazy.

^ this resulted in today’s outfit of shorts and a bra… but when I go to walk my dog Lou, I’ll throw on this denim jacket. #DenimOnDenim

JACKET| Vintage, BRA| Bella Luxx (similar), HANDLET| Sabrina SL

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